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Derived from Latin, "Dilato" means "extension." At Dilato Infotech Limited, we embody this essence by crafting teams that serve as an extension of our clients, fostering collective success through collaboration and innovation.

AI Data Processing

AI Data Processing 

Leverage our AI data processing solutions for efficient outsourcing of data-related tasks. From accurate labeling and thorough data cleaning to multi-language support and dashboard development, our services enable seamless integration of AI capabilities into your workflows. 
  • Data Labeling, Cleaning & Validation 
  • Multi-language Data Service 
  • Data Processing & Tools Development 
  • Dashboard 
  • Human-in-the-loop (HITL) Services 
  • Quality Assurance 
Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance 

Enhance your software’s performance and reliability with our comprehensive quality assurance services. Our testing methodologies cover functional, performance, and API testing, ensuring compliance with industry standards and seamless user experiences. 
  • Function/Feature Testing 
  • Performance Testing 
  • API Testing 
  • Scale Testing 
  • Automation Testing 
  • Integration Testing 
  • Compliances Testing 
  • Accessibility Testing
  • QA Platform & Tools Development 
Mobile Testing

Mobile Testing

Deliver seamless mobile experiences with our thorough mobile testing solutions. From manual and automated testing to usability and security assessments, we optimize your mobile applications for compatibility, performance, and user satisfaction. 
  • Manual and Automated Mobile Testing 
  • Cross-platform Testing 
  • Usability Testing 
  • Device Compatibility Testing 
  • Mobile App Security Testing 
  • Mobile Performance Optimization 

Why Dilato?

Dilato Infotech Limited, headquartered in the United States, specializes in providing world-class IT services for global companies. With strategically located near-shore and offshore resources spanning various regions, we deliver flexible, high-quality, and cost-effective solutions to meet the diverse needs of our clients. 

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Globalization & Localization

Globalization & Localization

Expand your global reach with our globalization and localization expertise. From engineering and testing for global markets to cloud product launches and compliance with geo-specific regulations, we help you resonate with diverse audiences. 
  • Globalization/Localization Engineering & Testing 
  • Cloud Products Global Landing 
  • Geo-specific Compliances 
  • Language-specific User Experience Testing 
  • Internationalization Audit 
  • Cultural Adaptation Testing 
Development and Engineering

Development & Engineering

Bring your ideas to life with our end-to-end development and engineering services. From software and web solutions to front-end and back-end architectures, we build scalable applications that drive business growth. 
  • Software/Web Development & Engineering 
  • Frontend and Backend Solutions 
  • DevOps and Technical Support 
  • Custom Software Solutions 
  • API Development and Integration 
  • Cloud Computing Solutions 
Accessibility Testing

Accessibility Testing

Ensure inclusivity with our accessibility testing services. From compliance assessments to user interface testing and compatibility checks with assistive technologies, we make sure your products are accessible to everyone. 
  • Accessibility Compliance Testing 
  • User Interface Accessibility Testing 
  • Assistive Technology Compatibility Testing 
  • Accessibility Audit and Remediation 

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Dilato: Powering Innovation, Delivering Flawless Outcomes

From bold ideas to market-ready success, Dilato accelerates your software journey. We offer comprehensive solutions that go beyond just development, including:

  • Software Engineering: Our skilled engineers craft high-quality, secure applications aligned with your vision.
  • QA & Testing: Rigorous testing ensures your software performs flawlessly across platforms and devices.
  • Globalization & Localization: Reach new markets seamlessly with expert cultural and linguistic adaptation.
  • AI Solutions: Leverage our HITL services and cutting-edge AI expertise to solve complex challenges.
  • Data Processing: Harness the power of your data to drive informed decisions and achieve strategic goals.

What Makes Us Unique?

Adapt with Ease: On-Demand Flexibility

Project roadblocks happen. We get it. That’s why we offer unmatched flexibility in resource deployment. Need to scale up your team quickly? No problem. Downsize for efficiency? We’re here for you. This agility ensures continuous, rapid product delivery, even when requirements shift unexpectedly.

Excellence Delivered: Your Trusted Partner

We take promises seriously. Our commitment to excellence is woven into every project, with a pragmatic approach that guarantees we meet each goal and become your trusted partner. No smoke and mirrors, just reliable results that build long-term relationships.

Continuous Innovation: Cutting-Edge Solutions

We don’t just follow trends, we set them. Through continuous innovation and a forward-thinking mindset, we actively help you improve research and development efficiency, reduce costs, and leverage the latest advancements in GenAI and AI solutions. Stay ahead of the curve with us.

Your Needs, Our Focus: Customer-Centric Approach

We’re dedicated to understanding your unique needs and crafting tailored solutions that perfectly fit your vision. Expect professional craftsmanship and a deep understanding of your perspective, every step of the way.

Why Choose Us?

Comprehensive Solutions

Dilato offers a wide range of tailored on-demand solutions to boost product quality and speed up time-to-market. Our services include test automation, performance testing, mobile testing, localization engineering, DevOps, technical support, and AI data processing. 

Expert Advisory

Our experienced consultants provide thorough assessments and practical optimization proposals across engineering, localization, and testing processes to elevate product quality and efficiency. 

Flexible Resources

Dilato provides professional resources in the software engineering domain, available near-shore, offshore, and on-site. Our precise personnel assessment and screening mechanisms ensure the right fit for your team, enabling elastic scaling capability 


Here’s what some of our clients have said

Dilato has been a truly responsive, trustworthy and effective partner towards our international software testing needs. Genuinely inspired by their commitment and conviction and hope to continue to learn from them.

Nandan Jha, Senior Engineering Manager
Adobe Systems

Dilato have only been working with us for a short period of time and I can already see the benefits they brought to us. The Dilato team have worked very hard to come up to speed with our complex technology and our new process to deliver quality work on a regular basis.

James Dutton, Project Lead
Citrix Systems

Dilato has rich experience and international insight in serving Internet and global customers, and has trained a group of enthusiastic and highly responsible test engineers and experts. Dilato and LinkedIn merged into a team to work together to improve product quality, optimize user experience, and jointly create first-class Internet social products.

Peter Li, Development Project Manager

Thank you for the great job testing and putting together this comprehensive report. I greatly appreciate the effort! Thank you to you and all those on Dilato team who have worked on this project to get it to launch!

John Neubauer, Senior Staff Engineer
Seagate Technology

Dilato, a trustworthy long-term partner

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