Case Studies

Functional Testing

Functional Testing: Powering Secure Mobility for a Leading Technology Provider

Challenge: Ensure flawless functionality and performance across a complex software suite powering user virtualization, mobile management, and desktop management solutions. This demanded highly productive testing that maximized automation and efficiency while maintaining the highest security standards.

Solution: Dilato’s expert testing team delivered a comprehensive functional testing strategy, featuring:

  • Automated test scripts: Utilizing cutting-edge tools like, we created robust test suites for rapid regression testing and comprehensive coverage.
  • Optimized test cases: Streamlined test execution by prioritizing critical functionalities and tailoring scenarios to the client’s unique needs.
  • Security-focused testing: Rigorous penetration testing and security assessments identified and mitigated potential vulnerabilities.
  • Seamless integration: Our testing process seamlessly integrated with the client’s development pipeline, ensuring efficient feedback loops and timely issue resolution.


  • Reduction in testing time due to automation and optimization.
  • Increase in defect detection through comprehensive testing methodologies.
  • Enhanced product security: Identified and mitigated potential vulnerabilities,ensuring a secure and reliable solution for managing mobile workforces.
  • Improved user experience: Flawless functionality across various devices and platforms fostered a smooth and productive user experience.

Beyond the technicals:

This case study showcases Dilato’s ability to deliver:

  • Customizable testing solutions: Tailored to the specific needs and security requirements of each client.
  • Proven expertise: Leveraging industry-leading tools and best practices for efficient and effective testing.
  • Collaborative approach: Working seamlessly with clients to achieve their development goals.

Offshore Testing Center: A Long Term Partnership

Client: Leading provider of enterprise software solutions.

Collaboration: Dilato’s dedicated offshore testing center offered comprehensive testing services.


  • Functional testing
  • Performance testing
  • Regression testing
  • Security testing


  • Delivered high-quality testing results consistently, meeting tight deadlines and budgets.
  • Increased test coverage and defect detection, improving software reliability.
  • Established a seamless communication and collaboration process, fostering a strong partnership.

Cloud/SaaS Testing: Embracing Continuous Release

Client: Global leader in digital marketing and media solutions.

Challenge: Ensure agility and quality in a continuous release environment for their cloud-based product.

Solution: Our cloud testing expertise included:

  • Automated scripts for regression and smoke testing to facilitate rapid feedback loops.
  • Performance testing under various load conditions to guarantee scalability and stability.
  • Integration with the client’s CI/CD pipeline for seamless testing within their development process.


  • Faster release cycles without compromising quality or performance.
  • Reduced testing bottlenecks with efficient automation and integration.
  • Enhanced confidence in delivering a reliable and scalable cloud product.

Functionality Testing: Scenario-based Approach

Client: World-leading supplier of CRM products for small and medium businesses.

Methodology: Implemented scenario-based testing, focusing on real-world user workflows and edge cases.


  • Sales lead generation and management
  • Customer service interactions
  • Reporting and analytics


  • Improved product quality by uncovering potential issues that traditional testing might miss.
  • Increased user satisfaction with a product that performs seamlessly in various scenarios.
  • Enhanced confidence in product launch knowing it caters to real-world user needs.

Test Automation: Selenium – Beyond Basic Scripting

Challenge: Client’s existing Selenium scripts lacked structure and maintainability, hindering testing efficiency.

Solution: Refactored and optimized scripts, adhering to best practices for:

  • Modular design: Reusable functions and clear code organization.
  • Readability and maintainability: Well-documented and easy-to-understand code.
  • Scalability and extensibility: Adaptable to future test needs and requirements.


  • Reduced maintenance effort and improved code sustainability.
  • Faster test execution and easier debugging for improved efficiency.
  • Scalability for future test automation needs as the product evolves.

Globalization Testing – Delivering a Seamless Global Experience

Product: Brand new product line requiring comprehensive globalization testing.

Client Challenges:

  • Lack of internal globalization testing expertise.
  • Limited awareness of global cultural nuances and sensitivities.

Dilato’s Approach:

  • Established a dedicated globalization testing team with diverse linguistic and cultural backgrounds.
  • Developed a customized testing plan considering target markets, languages, and cultural requirements.
  • Utilized industry-standard tools and methodologies for thorough testing and quality assurance.


  • Flawless functionality and cultural sensitivity across all localized versions,ensuring a positive global user experience.
  • Reduced risk of post-launch issues and negative feedback related to globalization.
  • Increased confidence in the product’s international success and market adoption.