Functional Testing

Customer Challenges

Dilato’s Solution

Customer Benefits

  • Dilato worked with a large enterprise product and its test environment setup involving various third party software and new industry technologies including virtualization, networking and operation systems.
  • The customer adopted agile development method and a short release cycle. Exhaustive regression testing was required for each short release cycle.
  • The product is used by various industry customers in a wide range of use cases. In addition to verifying product functionality, Dilato’s QA team successfully tested and validated each specific industry’s use case scenarios.
  • Setup a QA team with qualified professionals, secure support from consultants with industry domain knowledge.
  • Understood the product and its characteristic, formulating the best testing strategy and testing methodologies:
    • Employed proven QA methodologies;
    • Managed project implementation via local PM system
    • Integrated manual and automation testing to ensure test coverage and on time release.
    • Built automation test framework
    • Optimized test matrix, prioritized test cases.
  • Used exploratory testing method, designed and implemented test cases to stimulate industries customers’ usage scenario.
  • Shortened project ramp up time.
  • Met customers’ productivity requirements 3 month ahead of the expected timeline.
  • Released product on schedule with high quality and 20% cost-saving.
  • Valid defect amounts for resolution increased 14% compared with previous release.