Dilato, a trustworthy long-term partner

What our Clients have said


Nandan Jha, Senior Engineering Manager

Adobe Systems India Pvt. Ltd.

Dilato has been a truly responsive, trustworthy and effective partner towards our international software testing needs. Genuinely inspired by their commitment and conviction and hope to continue to learn from them.

Seagate - sameSize

John Neubauer, Senior Staff Engineer

Seagate Technology

Thank you for the great job testing and putting together this comprehensive report. I greatly appreciate the effort! Thank you to you and all those on Dilato team who have worked on this project to get it to launch!


Accounting SaaS

Yuki Ishikawa, CTO

Accounting SaaS Japan Co.,LTD

We appreciate all of your professional and hard work, and great contribution! We have been always a very very happy customer of you! Our current project is over at this point, quality of software will live forever.



James Dutton, Project Lead

Citrix Systems

Dilato have only been working with us for a short period of time and I can already see the benefits they brought to us. The Dilato team have worked very hard to come up to speed with our complex technology and our new process to deliver quality work on a regular basis. They have a tremendous appetite to learn new things and they learn them quickly. Having had the pleasure to visit the team I could see first-hand how well they have gelled together and how strong the team leads are in helping the team to succeed. I am looking forward to seeing how this relationship develops and continuing to work with them in the future.

linkedin - smaeSize

Peter Li, Development Project Manager


Dilato has rich experience and international insight in serving Internet and global customers, and has trained a group of enthusiastic and highly responsible test engineers and experts. Dilato and LinkedIn merged into a team to work together to improve product quality, optimize user experience, and jointly create first-class Internet social products.

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Julien Schouten, Service Manager


Dilato is far away from us geographically, but because of their professionalism, quick response, proactiveness, attention to detail and continuous innovation, it makes us feel like they are working in the office next door and always deliver values . We are very satisfied with the quality of its offshore testing services.