Functionality Testing

Customer Challenges

  • Inefficient agile development process, including 2-3 build updates per week resulting in constant bugs.
  • Extensive user environment coverage and inability to keep up with QA for:
    • PC, Tablet and Mobile.
    • OS, Language and Region,
    • IE, Firefox, Chrome and Safari.
  • Frequent changes in feature design and development plan resulting in:
    • Challenges forecasting QA workload.
    • Frequent changes in test plans.

Dilato’s Solution

  • Ramped up a dedicated QA team with floating resources to perform project tasks with flexibility and agility.
  • Setup and managed testing environments with virtualization technology and a shared mobile devices pool.
  • Leads, Dev, QA, PM from different countries worked together with clearly defined roles and responsibilities.
  • Built multi-channel project communication between the customer and Dilato: instant messaging, e-mail, PM portal, and daily reports.
  • Designed test matrix to properly balance QA coverage and QA cost.
  • Developed and implemented user scenario-based testing.

Customer Benefits

  • Ensured QA coverage and product quality.
  • Gained cost effectiveness.
  • Reduced management efforts.
  • Product quality satisfaction from users’ feedback.