Cloud/SaaS Testing

Customer Challenges

  • Difficulty in establishing clear communication channels across a 30+ employee application team to collect pertinent information while trying to narrow down issues.
  • Unstable staging server environment for testing, resulting in difficulty differentiating between real product defects or server errors.
  • Inefficient process from frequent changes in design and development plans, as well as underestimating the number of test cases and countries/regions, resulting in tight testing schedules:
    • Difficulty in forecasting QA workload.
    • Difficulty in arranging high quality QA resources.

Dilato’s Solution

  • Continuously built up knowledge base of the customer’s product line; proactively strengthen bidirectional communications with product teams for effective debugging.
  • Worked with the customer to identify the priority for the region and test cases, and completed testing for high priority test cases and regions first.
  • Adjusted test team’s working time and test case execution priority depending on the staging server’s stability.
  • Continuous training provided to the Dilato QA resources to enhance their professional testing and debugging skills.
  • Maintained key QA members throughout the workload and schedule changes, and prepared floating resources to support the peak-valley workload time.
  • Started testing before the features are fully completed in effort to find issues more quickly and introduce a more efficient process for release.

Customer Benefits

  • Guaranteed high accuracy and high-quality defects.
  • On time delivery secured by Dilato’s QA team, facilicated by a customer-first spirit and flexible working method.
  • Cost savings from an improved process where QA resources are assigned to projects based on actual product workload.