Test Automation: Selenium

Test Case Design & Management

This test case layer contains all test logic. The test logic can be expressed and designed without considering technical details, therefore users can focus on the test logic for different stories, scenarios, and the test logic expressed by pseudo-code which will be translated to executable scripts together with test data. At the same time, this layer provides the utility to combine the test cases to a test suite, which is a critical feature that allows reuse of the common test cases for the complexity of business scenarios.

Domain Practice Library

This domain layer will abstract and encapsulate the common services for the automation testing, such as the services for localization/globalization/functionality, URL concatenation, response XML/HTML parsing, and rich-client GUI/browser control. Customized business logic is supported for the independent encapsulation.

Dilato Automation Test Framework

Technical process for test case, test data and test API reference as well as encapsulation are included Test Case Management layer. It interacts with domain layer and translates the test logic to automation test scripts.

Dilato Automation Test Solution

At Dilato, we use the layered architecture approach for our test automation solution.