About Dilato

Dilato is an US company that offers information technology services, with near-shore and offshore resources in different regions for the flexible, quality and cost-effective solutions.

Dilato Infotech Limited, a Delaware corporation, was founded in 2010 in Delaware USA. With our committed and dynamic professional teams in different regions around the world, Dilato has quickly blossomed to be a strong service provider today. We go beyond technical expertise when it comes to IT services. We offer customers rigorous risk mitigation processes, with priorities to quality, expert project management, communication and superior delivery capabilities. We strive not only to help organizations lower costs, increase engineering agility, and ensure quality, but also to continually invest into and evolve our cooperation and partnership.

Our goal is to be a leading technology company recognized for the superior services and solutions it offers, resulting from the synergy that exists between our partners, employees and clients.

Our values:

  • Commitment, accountability, responsibility;
  • Respect, care, support, teamwork;
  • Quality, efficiency, proactivity, customer satisfaction;

What We Offer

Dilato helps our clients accelerate their R&D engineering delivery with high quality and expertise in following ways:

Managed Service

Dilato has been a leading software QA and testing service supplier to provide independent managed service through setting up near-shore and offshore delivery centers, adopting business-oriented approaches, applying agile-based QA processes, and driving efficient customer engagement.


Dilato provides remote and onsite professional resources in software engineering domain to our clients through accurate personnel assessment and screening mechanism. We help our clients to augment their functional staff team and business expertise in an elastic and scalable way.

AI Data Processing

Dilato provides professional level data labeling, cleaning and validation for AI tools and development.


Dilato provides on-demand solutions that help our clients increase quality and speed to deliver their products. Available solutions include test automation, performance and continuous test, mobile testing, localization engineering and testing, DevOps and technical support, and AI data processing.