Dilato is a global software engineering and testing, localization testing, and data processing service provider that delivers high quality value to our clients.

Quality Assurance

Our rich experiences in software QA including feature/function testing, performance testing, regression testing, make Dilato a great value-add for our clients to bring up their products quality.
  • Quickly acquire professional and well-trained QA resources
  • Significantly Improve the quality from business view, eliminate functional quality risks for each fast release
  • Low cost

Dilato test professionals and experts are well trained to utilize industry standard functional testing approaches and techniques to conduct each test operations covering the complete scope of system functionalities:

  • Review client requirement and design the proper test plan
  • Generate and improve test cases and prepare testing environment
  • Feature and function testing
  • Performance testing
  • Regression testing

Mobile Testing

Dilato provides manual and automated mobile testing and cross-platform testing to ensure quality of mobile applications.
  • Ensure proper features and functionalities as design
  • Ensure UI/UX usability & improve end users’ loyalty
  • Increase test efficiency among varieties of devices
  • Reduce regression costs and manpower
  • Function Testing: Verify that the mobile APP provides expected functional behaviors
  • Compatibility and Usability Testing: Ensure usability and accessibility across browsers, OS and devices
  • Performance Testing: Assess responsiveness, operating capacity, scalability of the mobile app
  • Automation: Find defects sooner by automated testing of the mobile APP and enable continuous testing to increase efficiency

Localization Engineering & Testing

Dilato is also specialized in software globalization, from globalization consulting, internationalization testing, localization engineering, to localization testing.
  • Be ready to roll out the product across geographies on time
  • Quality release in all languages, on all platforms
  • Low cost
  • Test and ensure built-in international features working properly across different locales supported by the product
  • Test and ensure the basic and advanced native language specific features working properly across different regional locale settings supported by the product
  • Test and ensure internationalization functionality working properly

When to test

  • Internationalization: When feature is ready to test
  • Localizability: When UI is ready to test
  • Localization: When Localized strings is present in UI
  • Marketization: Align with feature readiness

Where to test

  • Internationalization: en-us and localized build on en-us/localized OS
  • Localization: localized build on
    localized OS


Provide comprehensive range of test automation service to ensure speed to market, product quality, and ROI.
  • Increase test efficiency and maximize the test coverage
  • Reduce regression cost and optimize the utilization of manpower
  • Ensure faster releases to market
  • Eliminate functional quality risks for each fast release
  • Realize test automation and identify project bottlenecks
  • Build automation plan and bring automated tests into product R&D life cycle
  • Select a tool-chain which best fits the product engineering process and technology goals
  • Provide cross-functional automation engineers to be part of the team
  • Provide expertise in DevOps, CI/CD system integration, Regression, Performance
  • Build the automatic pipeline to connect the stages and achieve even better outcomes
  • Evaluation and strategic planning
  • Implement high value and frequent tests
  • Scale test coverage and quantization
  • Continuous testing and process improvement

AI Data Processing

Provide services on professional level data labeling, cleaning and validation for our clients AI tools and development,
  • Collecting and manipulating data into a usable and appropriate form
  • High accuracy data for AI training
  • Speed and Efficiency
  • Low cost
  • Data collection, labelling, and data validation
  • AI tools testing and evaluation
  • Different timezone for better coverage
  • Specific training program for better quality

Maintenance and Technical Support

Help the clients to maintain their products, and provide technical support services as well.
  • Rapid delivery at low cost
  • Reliability and scalability
  • Security
  • Regional and language coverage
  • Near-shore and offshore engineering teams for better coverage
  • Different regions for timezone and language coverage
  • Continuous Integration
  • Continuous Delivery
  • Microservices
  • Infrastructure as Code
  • Monitoring and Logging
  • Communication and Collaboration

“Dilato”, in Latin, means “extension”, we strive to build the flexible extension teams for our customers.